I needed help with the website

I was trying to create my web design with no outside assistance.

If I had even the smallest clue on how to go about creating a web design, my website may have been great, although I didn’t have any idea.

What I was trying to create & what I got was not the same. It was no better than what my baby girl could do and she is 5 years old. I knew I needed help with my web design, so I contacted a web development business. They sent me a list of questions via SMS & had me fill it out. Once I finished with the list, which was quite extensive, I sent it back to the web development business. I already knew web development was not my strong suit. There had to be something or someone who could get my website easily working & help myself and others with my business. I was hoping the web development business was the help I needed. When the web development specialist phoned me, he asked more questions & asked if I could give him a couple of weeks. He said he could have an early on web design for myself and others to see. The following week, I got an email with a link to my web design. I couldn’t believe how good it was, & it wasn’t finished yet either. The web development specialist told me he still had some other stuff to do, & he wanted to make sure he had enough SEO on all the pages. A month later, I was already getting people looking at my website, & I had many people sign up for more information.

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