I almost bought the wrong part for my furnace

Sometimes it is best to just let the professionals handle things.

Even though I know this, that doesn’t stop me from wanting to take matters into my own hands every now and then.

A great example is with my heating system. This particular furnace system is about 5 years old and is doing a great job with heating my home. For a long time, I didn’t have any issues with it, because of my tight schedule for maintenance and tune ups. However, it was bound for problems to arise eventually. I noticed one chilly winter day, that my house was not warming up like it should have been. My furnace every time I would go to turn it on, would make a weird noise and then shut off. I did a bit of research on what could cause the issue, and I even managed to take apart the furnace. One of the parts had gone bad, and so I went to buy another one. I found what I thought was the part online, and so I bought it. It arrived a few days later, and just as I was about to install it, I had a feeling I should look again, and I’m glad I did. When I looked at the part again, it turns out I had bought the wrong one. If I had put the wrong part in my heater, it probably would’ve killed it. I’m glad I checked again, and I decided to let the air conditioning and heating professionals handle it from there.

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