He’s still new to digital marketing

When my child came back to the apartment from school, he thought he knew everything there was to know about computers, website design, & internet marketing.

I was getting business to my website, however it wasn’t the amount I needed to keep my business going.

I thought that with all his info, he should be able to help me with my issues. Even though I offered to pay money for his skills, he wasn’t sure he wanted to do the work. I changed my method & asked if he could just give me some information. My son told me that what I was very missing was the familiar SEO to get my website found. When I looked at my boy, I was sure he saw the odd look I had on my face. My son started explaining what SEO was, however it came out sounding as if it was a new language I had never heard before. I thought that if I listened more closely, I could pick up on what he was saying, however it didn’t help. My son talked about keywords & search engine optimization. I asked him about the difference between SEO & search engine optimization. She reminded me of how he was when he was little, when he rolled his eyes while explaining that SEO was short for search engine optimization. When I finally began grasping what he was talking about, it shocked me. My son could do some of the work for me, although he didn’t want to get money for it. With payment, he would strive for perfection & although he had learned this in school, he had no experience & didn’t want me to get upset with him.

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