Going out is stressful for me

When people talk about things in life that stress them out, I usually think about trying to get ready to leave the house.

  • I do not know why, butI get seriously stressed and anxious when I need to get myself showered, dressed, and out the door.

I feel like everything starts going wrong in my life, I start knocking things over and creating messes, and no matter what I cannot get makeup on my face! This is why I was even more frustrated yesterday when the air conditioning system was not finally working properly and I was covered in sweat, sweating to death on top of my usual struggle. I kept trying to get makeup on my face, however it would come right off in the heat and humidity. I set up a fan in my bathroom to compensate for the low airflow, however then my hair was blowing into our eyes.. I attempted to turn down the control device many times, however then my A/C device was making awful sounds that made me ruin my mascara when I jumped. Finally, I was trying to put clothing on my body in the heat and almost passed out. Between the effort of pulling clothes over my head and the increasing temperature from extra layers on my body, I had to sit right in front of the air vent and cool down. I let the A/C make awful sounds and soaked up all the cool air I could possibly access. By the time I needed to leave the house, I was chilled out. However I wasn’t enticed by the hot air outdoors. I wound up cancelling my plans and calling the Heating and Air Conditioning serviceman.


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