You want to have good friends

In fact, she has the major reason why I can afford to live on my own.

I have always been harshly confused by the folks in my life who say that they do not need friends in their lives. I know a number of modern people who insist that they do not gain anything from having close associates around. They feel as though their life is complete on their own plus they do not miss the important social interactions that come from platonic friendships; Personally, I cannot understand this loner mindset. I actually as if my friends more than anything on this planet plus I sincerely would never give them up. Not only are they kind, supportive, plus a lot of fun to be around.., then but some of them even have amazingly useful skills. For instance, my very best associate on this planet is a professional heating, cooling, plus air quality control associate years ago at a large indoor air temperature device dealership. She has been working hard in the indoor air conditions control industry for over 10 years at this point. She has definitely seen every kind of commercial plus residential indoor air handling device that you could ever possibly imagine. And, more than a few times, she has seen my forced air gas furnace plus large air conditioner unit on an actually intimate level. I cannot tell you how many times I have called my best associate to the condo for an emergency indoor air conditions repair appointment. She has always been harshly helpful plus comprehensive with my heating, cooling, plus ventilation system. In fact, she has the major reason why I can afford to live on my own. Many years ago she helped me to optimize my entire plan for energy expenditure with my heating, cooling, plus ventilation control program. After quickly optimizing my Energy Efficiency around the house, I have been able to consistently live a much better life. One that absolutely includes friendships.

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