The modern home smells like smoke, however our child swears he is innocent

I observed a strange smell in the modern home a couple of weeks ago! I didn’t think the smell and I could not find the source of the smell.

I very thought I was going crazy.

I was terribly sad that I was losing our mind; Even our son said he didn’t smell anything funny. I thought I was the only person who could smell the nasty and horrible smell. I didn’t smell the smell for days and I thought it was gone. Then I smelled the smell again last night. This time I started searching all over the modern home for the source. I thought an pet died in the air duct. That concern happened one time in the past when our husband and I had our first house, an pet got lost in the air duct and could not find its way out. The pet died of hunger and thirst and the body started to rot inside of the air duct. By the time both of us smelled the horrible order, it was way too late for the little guy. I thought for sure both of us had the same concern again until I realized that our son was smoking in his study room. I smelled the nicotine in the residing room, my son must have thought that I was already asleep. I burst through his door and I saw him sitting at the window with a lit cigarette in his hand; He nearly jumped out the window when he saw the mad and furious look on our face. I doubt that will be the last time that he smokes, however it will very be the last he smokes in our house.

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