Our child is even-handed and bright

Our child has autism.

Every one of us love him to death and both of us have worked strenuous to make sure she gets all the resources available to him.

While she is appealing to hang out with and talk to, there are some things she does that can be discouraging, and periodically she will go to adjust the temperature control settings in the middle of the night and both of us might be covered in sweat profusely or chilly depending on which way she adjusted the control unit. When both of us go to confront him about things savor this, she has consistently been brutally honest. If both of us ask him if she messed with the control unit, she will tell us “yeah” straight up without hesitation. When both of us ask him why, that’s a whole odd thing. She never absolutely seems to know why she does things savor that, or she can’t explain it. I know it has something to do with her autism. I understand that the senses are odd and occasionally you need hands on to learn about things. Perhaps she was just trying to learn about how the HVAC plan works. I ended up explaining to him all the odd components and she was engaged. She was interested in all the names of the HVAC components and I even gave him a little diagram that labeled everything. She already memorized all of the parts. I kind of know she would be a actually skilled HVAC professional if she absolutely wanted to do that. It’s something I will have to talk to him about down the road, what she wants to do ultimately in life.
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