Decided to go independent with our photography work

I used to work as a photographer for a magazine until I finally decided to go independent.

I truthfully wasn’t into the celebrity lifestyle stuff plus all that gossip, however it’s what paid the bills, but because I have always had a natural talent with photography, I guess any photography task would work out good for me.

I was able to keep the money coming in when I was able to provide some of the best shots of many celebrities at many events. I loved some of the locations because they had comfortable weather conditions control settings. There were locales that were bad though plus I hate to work in conditions where I think uncomfortable. I know that’s 1 thing that’s nice about rich people though, usually they accommodate guests with excellent comfort plus amazing temperature control settings. These afternoons, I work with typical people taking pictures for many chances love birthdays, anniversaries, plus things of that nature. I even go out on travels around the world to get great shots of many destinations plus the wild life in those areas. Travelling is alright, although I always end up missing our fireplace back at home. I live in a peaceful section that is away from it all. It was always nice to get back home after long afternoons of stalking celebrities in the past. Finally that life is behind myself and others plus I am able to basically make our own destiny with our photography work. Occasionally, I even love taking photos from the sky with our advanced drone. I have been able to take some pretty stunning shots with that drone.

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