Wood furniture Brings Natural Warmth to a Home

Every so often, there comes a time when it seems as if it is time to start getting fresh interior design ideas to re-do the home furnishings.

That time has come for me.

I have a very small home, and I need to make the best use of my space. The problem is I have no visions, and the mundane things associated with getting new furniture, such as measuring the walls, are just too yucky for me. I really have a mental block and I need interior design help. I sort of like wood furniture; I think that wood furniture brings a bit of natural warmth into a home. At the same time, I feel that too much wood furniture makes the house look like a single bachelor man lives there. How do you know when you have spilled over into too much? A wood table in the dining room is normal, right? Of course, wood chairs to go around the wood table is also normal, right? But is it a good idea to have a wooden sofa paired with leather chairs? I mean, I don’t have a grand estate with a library that has custom built furniture like a desk and shelves for a myriad of books. I would love the grandeur of a glamorous bedroom like that in a French provincial manor estate, but is that really what might make me most comfortable? Maybe the look of a cozy dollhouse is better suited to a small home with a single woman as the inhabitant. Plus, I do own a house that is being used as a rental right now, and I plan to move back into it in five years. Maybe custom built furniture for this house would not suit that one. So many decisions have me frozen in time.

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