The chain stores have such boring furniture

I have recently begun the hunt for modern furniture.

The leather chairs I had in the living room easily reached a catastrophic end when the swivel mechanism went haywire in addition to I ended up with my butt on the floor one evening.

These days, all I have in the living room is my leather couch in addition to multiple wood chairs borrowed from around my wood table in the kitchen! It sincerely looks ridiculous, however to tell you the truth, I have been to all the furniture stores in my small city. Sadly I haven’t found anything I really care about yet, and all the furniture seems to be look-alike furniture in the chain stores. I truly am sick of looking at the same thing no matter where I go. The real setback is that I have no interior design ideas. I can’t tell tuscan beauty from the southwest type and don’t try to get me started on transitional sophistication or European furniture. I just don’t recognize what all that means! I have easily thought about hiring a designer to get some interior design help, however when I stop and think of cutting the bank with that kind of expense, I become severely uneasy about whether it is really worth it. My former partner used to care about wood furniture, so we had plenty of oak furniture, although I don’t suppose that look seems particularly feminine. Since I live completely on my own, I would prefer my residence to reflect me. Since I’m a woman, I don’t truly want masculine wood chairs in addition to oak furniture. My neighbor has suggested that I look through Pinterest, find things I enjoy, in addition to get custom built furniture that is mine. I care about that idea, in addition to I am saving up now.


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