Cold showers in the summer time heat

I remember when I was younger, our parents didn’t have much money, then even though they didn’t have much money, they did everything they could to give our siblings and I a good life, and right now, I have a romantic family and a secure task, so I would say they did a good task; But, there were some things I didn’t have back then, that I am making sure that our teenagers have now.

One of those was an a/c.

Every one of us once had an Heating, Ventilation, and A/C unit, however when it broke, our parents couldn’t afford an a/c upgrade fee. Because of this, summer time became a real issue, however in winter, all of us usually just wore sweaters and other warm clothes, however it’s a lot harder to cool off when you’re hot; This led to a lot of fighting between our siblings and I, as all of us would fight for things such as the shower, hose and kiddie pool, anything to stay cool. Believe it or not, those fights could get pretty brutal, as I had one of our teeth knocked out while attempting to race to the shower. But man, those chilly showers were paradise! Nowadays, I make sure our teenagers have available a/c 24/7. No, it wouldn’t kill them to experience a little or chilly every now and then, however based on our experiences of being separate from a heating and cooling system, I appreciate that they don’t, however my teenagers don’t realize how fortunate they are to have a working gas furnace and a/c machine, because otherwise they would easily be doing all of the same things our siblings and I once did.


Cooling technician