You need to check out the beach during the fall.

One of the things that attracts tourists to the south, are the beaches.

Living in the south, I don’t really see the big draw.

The sun is hot and it really isn’t all that fun. If I want to go out and get a tan, I can do that in my back yard. I also have a heated pool so I can swim whenever I want. Tourists crowd the beaches and there isn’t any room to move. Instead of fighting the crowds and spending time on the beach, I prefer to be home in the air conditioning. The tourists probably have a hotel to go back to. The hotels are all air conditioned. I can’t imagine having to vacation with a bunch of kids. Being locked in a hotel room when it is raining, must be horrible. The only saving grace would be the air conditioning. I prefer to go to the beach during the fall. I can put on a warm sweater and sneakers in the morning. The ocean is gorgeous in the fall, with its bold greys and puffy white clouds. The water is a bit too cold to do any swimming, but that is the reason I got the heated pool. The need for air conditioning in my home is behind me for a while. I can safely turn it off and call the HVAC company. I am saving money on my energy bills for a couple of months. I love the fall and winter, but when in the south, it doesn’t last long enough. It still doesn’t give me any reason to want to move.