The client made a silly complaint and I got fired

Everyone at work knows that we aren’t supposed to use marijuana, but almost everyone does.

We’re only about twenty minutes from a state that allows recreational cannabis.

My boss knows that we use marijuana and the only thing he has ever said was don’t work under the influence. I totally respect that rule and I have never used any cannabis products at work. That is why the story is so ironic. I went to service a furnace and the customer was acting very strange. I tried to avoid the lady, because she kept looking at me like I had a third eye or an extra arm. I worked on the furnace and fixed the problem. When I was done, I presented the customer with an invoice for the furnace repair. She told me that it was too much money and she claimed that I was trying to jack up the prices. I offered to give the lady 10% off and she wasn’t happy. I told her that I adjust the price, but she could call my boss to discuss the issue. When I came to work the next day, my boss pulled me into the office. He told me that he had to fire me. The lady called the corporate office and told them that I was cursing and swearing and I smelled like cannabis. The corporate office told my boss that I had to be drug tested. Both of us knew that I wasn’t going to pass the test, so he gave me a chance to resign first instead. I wasn’t doing anything wrong, but the complaint still caused me to lose my job.

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