Thanksgiving is a season of more than giving thanks.

Thanksgiving was just around the corner and I was thrilled.

When you live in the southeast, Thanksgiving becomes more than a season of giving thanks.

Thanksgiving is also the usher of cooler temperatures and the time to turn off the air conditioning unit. Many people had probably already had their air conditioning units turned down, or even off, but they may have not yet taken the time to call the HVAC company and have the AC unit inspected and cleaned. I look at Thanksgiving as that time of year. I also see Thanksgiving as the season for opening doors and letting Mother Nature into the house. You don’t need to have air conditioning during the next couple months. The doors are open and fresh air comes into the house. Nature’s air conditioning and air freshening are right where you need it. You can hear the hum and music of nature instead of the hum of the air conditioning unit. You see men and women in their winter garb. Boots and ugly Christmas sweaters are suddenly seen in abundance. No one can understand the amount of joy southerners feel during the holidays, unless you are a true southerner. I look forward to pulling out my soft sweaters and those boots I love with my outfits. It is a nice break from the flip flops and tank tops that I wear most days, unless I am at work. My suits are more comfortable now, since I’m not getting sweaty just from my trip from the car into the office. Thanksgiving is for giving thanks for the reprieve from summer and the air conditioning..



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