It was hard to make my decision.

Once I was out of high school, I wanted to head down to the technical college and enroll.

I wanted to find out when the first classes for the HVAC program began. I was shocked to find out that the HVAC program was very strict with the people they accepted. They wanted excellent grades and I definitely fit that criteria. I’m sure they wanted to get a student into the HVAC program that would be able to comprehend and maintain the information you were learning. I still wasn’t giving up on the idea of being a HVAC technician, so I wanted more information. I talked to a friend of mine whose dad was the owner of a HVAC company. I asked him if he had any idea how I could get into the local technical college and get into the HVAC program. He told me that he knew they had tightened up on the students they were accepting. He wanted to know if I had thought about any other course. I had to admit that I had, but I had always wanted to be a HVAC technician. I had already talked to the admissions office and they told me that I needed to have references. He knew me and he said he would gladly give me a reference that pertained to my interest in being an HVAC technician. He also suggested I go back to the high school and talk to some of my teachers about giving me a reference. I ended up getting a reference from the high school principal and also from the guidance counselor.

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