I could finally leave the door open.

Living in the southernmost part of the United tSates, is usually a state of heat every day. If you have goosebumps at any time, you savor the feeling. A lot of older people who live here say that we have three seasons. The first season is hot, the second is hotter, and the third season is so hot that I could suffocate. Without air conditioning, I don’t think the population here would be anywhere near as large as it is. I like the first season when it is actually cool enough that I can turn off the air conditioner. For those few precious weeks, I don’t have the air conditioning running full blast, or need to depend on the air vents being well placed to keep me comfortable. I prefer this season so much. I can get my air conditioning cleaned and ready for the next time I turn it on. I can relax and feel the breeze come through my open door and windows. The screens keep the mosquitoes and other pests outside, while allowing the cool air to come into the house. This season doesn’t happen often, and it doesn’t last long, so I savor every moment of it. Normally my dog would be taking up residence on one of the air vents. I suppose she needs the air conditioning every bit as much as I need it, but it proposes another problem. Her hair is flying through the air. Once we have those weeks when we don’t need AC, I notice that she has more spunk and she is more lively. I think she looks forward to the odd weeks when we can let the outside in, just as much as I do.