He had to work hard in school.

He knew that now all he had to do was take his certification exam

After graduation from high school, my brother went right into the technical college. He wanted to be an HVAC technician, and he was anxious to start his career as soon as possible. Since he had been working since he was fifteen, but the newfound classes that were added to his schedule, were making work difficult. Mom and dad understood the necessity for him to go to school and get a good education. They knew that if you didn’t have some kind of career training, you wouldn’t be able to support yourself and a family later on in life. They still felt that he should give some importance to his work, as well as to his schooling. As much as he loved his job, he wanted to make school a priority. He kept his job, but he also knew that if his work interfered with his learning, he was going to quit regardless of what mom and dad had to say. If they tried to pack on extra hours that would interfere with her studies, or give her hours that were when she had to be in class, she said she just wouldn’t show up. It took nearly eighteen months until my brother graduated from HVAC technical school. He knew that now all he had to do was take his certification exam. He signed up for another course that would get him prepped for the HVAC certification exam. He knew that if he didn’t pass this exam, all of his hard work in heating, air conditioning, and ventilation at technical school would all be for naught.


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