It was fun while it lasted

I just got my electric space heater taken away.

I was mad about getting the space heater taken away, despite the fact that I wasn’t surprised. I guess I probably deserved to get my space heater taken away. I was actually trying to use it in an improper manner. And I really didn’t need the heater anymore anyway. The space heater was truthfully a waste of space there in my room; When I first got the space heater, it was a necessity. Back when we moved into this house, there was something wrong with our oil furnace, but then my parents called the HVAC corporation. The HVAC techs said that we would need to replace the oil furnace; My parents did not have enough money to replace the oil furnace, and so they decided to save up money and wait for a while. Well, my room was still chilly with a broken oil furnace. My parents got me a little space heater for my room. The heater was old and used. It was also ugly and it felt like it might be a little dangerous. However, it was chilly in my room, and so I was thankful for the electric heater. However, when my parents got the oil furnace fixed, I didn’t really need the space heater much at all anymore. I suppose that I could have given the space heater away, but I kind of forgot about it. But then I decided that I was going to use it for fun. I decided to try to melt things with my space heater, and I was having a lot of fun with it. I just didn’t care that melting things was a fire hazard! I just wanted to use it to melt toys and things like that. It was fun while it lasted, but when my parents found out, they were ticked at me.


HVAC tech