I tried to deal with the cold without complaining

I understand that this is not the most effective way to use a space heater, however that is how I have been using the space heater in my room. Now it’s more like a shelf. There’s a really nice furnace in my room now. My parents bought me this space heater long ago. I was really thankful for it. The space heater really looks like a fireplace, and it even has lights to make it more elegant. The space heater is a decorative piece in the bedroom. But I just don’t ever use the space heater at all now. Actually, the only thing that I use the area furnace for is storage. I like to keep things on top of the space heater. Back then when my parents first bought me the electric heater, it was essential. But when I first moved into this house, the gas furnace wasn’t working very well at all. Without the gas furnace working the way that it should have, my bedroom got so cold at night. Of course, I tried to deal with the freezing cold without complaining about it. But I thought it was seriously cold. I talked to my parents about it and they informed me that they were planning on buying me a space heater. But I didn’t really expect them to buy me such a nice space heater and it was super elegant. The space heater works pretty well. With the space heater running in the bedroom, I was never freezing again. I guess my parents eventually decided that it would be a great plan to switch out my old gas furnace with a nicer one, and then they did. However, with the gas furnace working okay, I didn’t need the space heater much anymore. Instead of being useful as a heater now, the space heater sits in my bedroom as a decoration now.

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