I don’t even know why I bought an air conditioner

I don’t even know why I bought the air conditioner.

  • I honestly should have just saved my money and resorted to being uncomfortable all of the time.

I love having an air conditioner. In fact, one of my favorite parts about living in my parent’s house was that I had a window air conditioner in my room. My parents couldn’t afford to have a central air conditioner, but they decided long ago that they still wanted to make sure that we had access to some form of air conditioning during the summer. Our house had a few window air conditioners in the main rooms, and my parents even bought me an air conditioner for my room. I love the cooler temperatures, and the air conditioner was the only reason that I slept so well. However, ever since I have gotten married, I haven’t been able to use an air conditioner. My husband hates air conditioners, and he cannot stand owning an air conditioner. He has never told me that he won’t let me have an air conditioner, but I cannot stand making him miserable, and I know that it would affect his sleep. However, I still wish that I would be able to use an air conditioner. I even bought a window air conditioner for our house. I was hoping that by turning on the air conditioner slightly, I would be able to lead him into that. However, he never lets me turn on the air conditioner. I feel like I wasted my money by buying that air conditioner, but there is nothing that I can do now.



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