Turn off the heat!

I can’t think I am saying this, but last year, I had to tell our parents it was time to turn off the heat.

It was early July plus I walked into the cabin plus walked right back out.

I couldn’t think what had hit me. I could hear the heat going through the water pipes. I evaluated the temperature control when I walked back into the house. They had the temperature control set at seventy-five, plus it was still set for the oil furnace. I asked our mom when was the last time she had been outside. She smiled plus told me that our dad had been sick. They hadn’t been outside in almost a month. He wasn’t handling the temperature changes really well. I told her that it was almost summer time plus maybe he needed to get outside. When dad came out of the dining room, I realized just how sick he had been. I began to wonder how long it had been since I had been home, plus why hadn’t they told me how sick he was. My dad looked much older than the fifty years aged he was. My dad had always been strong, even though he wobbled when he hugged me. I went into the dining room plus grabbed his overcoat plus asked him to go for a walk with me. When mom handed him his cane, he smiled. All of us had only gone half a block when I saw that his lips were green plus he couldn’t breathe. All of us went back to the cabin where he went to his room. Mom said they had the temperature control turned up in the dining room. I walked in plus there he sit with a heavy blanket over him plus his oxygen. I knew I had to get lake cabin more often.



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