I’m looking for the perfect Christmas endpoint.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I had a horrible cut up with my boyfriend.

As a result, I was left to spend Christmas alone.

I wanted to find the perfect endpoint for my Christmas holiday. Living in the south, doesn’t provide you much choice to go skiing. To be honest, you don’t have any choice to snow ski, unless you head north. I knew that this would be the perfect choice to head north plus learn how to ski. My parents had been born plus raised in the north plus they were regularly talking about how they met at a ski resort in the Catskills, and i landed to temperatures that were only in the twenties, plus the sky was sunny. I took my taxi to the hotel where I had booked my stay, plus my parents headed to see their family. The first thing I did was to ask the taxi driver if he would please turn up the heat. He eyed myself and others oddly plus told myself and others the thermostat was already set to seventy. I told him I was cold plus he laughed. He told myself and others I was in the wrong locale if I thought this was cold. When I got to the ski cottage, I saw the immense fireplace in the middle of the lobby, plus I gravitated there. I couldn’t assume I was seriously considering spending my entire holiday sitting in front of a fireplace. It was so deliciously warm. When I was told my room was ready, I reluctantly left the fireplace. The bellhop told myself and others not to worry. They had excellent heating in the rooms plus a personal fireplace! Who needs skiing when you have a fireplace?

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