I don't guess the deal was really fair

When our boss hired his child to labor with us, I knew he was going to get all of the wonderful tasks.

I knew the guy was going to play number ones. It’s definitely tough not to favor someone when the person is your first born son. A few of our coworkers as well as I talked about saying something to the boss after a single crucial incident took site. A week or 2 ago, I was busy to labor downtown at the bank. They were having some up-to-date Heating as well as A/C sensors installed in the vault as well as the deposit room. I’m consistently the guy that installs up-to-date sensors as well as handles the building management systems tasks. I spent many weeks in a seminar learning everything I could about BMS products like Heating as well as A/C as well as lighting options. I was getting ready to leave the office to head to the bank, when the boss pulled myself and others aside as well as told myself and others that Chad was going to labor on the bank task that day. He told myself and others to assist another coworker with a long as well as boring Heating as well as A/C upgrade task at the grocery store. I thought the guy was joking, so I brushed him off as well as walked away. He grabbed our arm as well as told myself and others that he was serious. I tried to stay calm as well as I didn’t ask a lot of questions. The anger as well as frustration grew inside myself and others all day as well as I was ready to burst by numerous. I Marched right into the bosses office as well as demanded an explanation for taking myself and others off the bank task. The guy’s only reply was to tell myself and others that he makes the schedule as well as I labor for him.



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