My sister needs a current wifey

I suppose our sister thinks she is ecstatic with her current man, despite the fact that I guess the woman is a total jerk.

She does not let our sister hang out with friends and she barely lets her come see me. My sister said she is just being protective, despite the fact that I guess she is being jealous and obsessive! Last week, the woman went berserk when she found out that our sister turned up the temperature control during the afternoon. I guess they agreed to keep the heat set to 68, however our sister was cold so she turned up the heat to 68, but james came home from labor and saw the temperature on the temperature control and proceeded to have a mental breakdown. My sister called myself and others crying because she said James yelled and screamed for an hour when she found the temp on 68. I told our sister that was a crazy reason to yell and scream for an hour, however she dismissed the behavior and made an excuse for her bad anger problems. I suppose the temperature on the temperature control is no crucial deal, however this is just part of a pattern of behavior that is going to keep getting worse. The woman is a ticking time bomb ready to blow at any hour. I wish our Dad would talk to our sister about the guy, however she does not want to get involved. I don’t mind stepping over the boundaries, because I easily guess our sister is in trouble, however she does not guess the warning signs of an abusive relationship, despite the fact that I labor with battered women all afternoon. This woman is a textbook example of someone with anger issues waiting to boil over.


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