Humidifier improves indoor comfort and air quality

Living in a freezing weather area means issues with insufficient humidity, and chilly conditions consistently translate into particularly dry air, then inside the house, we need to run the gas furnace to keep warm, however the influx of heat makes the issue worse.

The exceedingly dry heated air pulls moisture out of everything it touches.

I live in a historical lake house with hardwood floors, wood doors, moldings and stairways. Dry air can cause the wood to crack or split. It’s a concern for antique furniture and songsal instruments; A lack of humidity also leads to static shock, chapped lips and frizzy air. It dries out nasal passages, putting my family at greater risk of developing respiratory infection, asthma and flu symptoms, and eczema, psoriasis, sore throat, itchy eyup and headaches are official complaints neighbord with less than ideal moisture levels, then plus, dry air feels colder than officially hydrated air. It’s consistently tempting to raise the temperature control setting; Higher temperatures increase demands on the gas furnace, forcing it to run more often and toil harder. It uses more energy and results in more costly energy costs, however for a long time, my family just struggled with all of these unpleasant consequences, and just recently, I finally invested in a whole-house humidifier. The air quality accessory implemented right into the air handler, introducing moisture as the air passes through… By keeping the humidity levels within the ideal range, the lake house is far more comfortable… We no longer deal with that stuffy feeling and my family sleeps better at night. We have more energy while I was in the afternoon. I’m paying lower energy costs.
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