Dehumidifier is a necessary addition

I live far enough south that the heat is just about a year round issue.

There is no need for any category of heating plan because the temperature never drops below fifty degrees. A central A/C is essential because the temperature often climbs into the triple digits; Fortunately, technology has improved the efficiency plus capacity of new A/Cs. These advanced systems are able to automatically adjust speed to meet changing demands. The ability to operate at lower speeds for longer cycles uses less energy plus maintains more consistent indoor temperature. The extended run times are also better at combating excess humidity. However, A/Cs aren’t designed to handle moisture. The plan pulls heat out of the air to create a cooling effect. A dedicated dehumidifier is necessary to extract moisture. If there’s high levels of moisture in the air, it feels warmer plus sticky. An abundance of humidity causes discomfort plus fatigue. It creates the ideal environment for bacteria, dust mites, mold, mildew plus all sorts of harmful contaminants. It can cause wood furnishings to swell plus warp plus be blamed for headaches, sore throats, congestion, sneezing plus coughing. Whole-house dehumidifiers treat the air as it passes through the A/C, extracting moisture. With humidity levels tested within the plan range, I’m able to set a higher thermostat setting. The cooing machine doesn’t need to labor as difficult plus our energy bills are much lower. The cabin is far more comfortable. The dehumidifier wasn’t overly extravagant, operates efficiently plus makes really little noise. I only need to worry about maintenance once per year. I have it serviced at the same time as the A/C in the late Spring.

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