Can you think the way they were staring at us?

I suppose that sometimes you see something that catches your attention.

It can be difficult to look away, no matter how difficult you try. I had always thought that the Northern summer time would be just like ours. All of us lived where it was Winter when the Northeast US was in the summer. I expected it to be warm, although I was shocked when the people I was with and I got there. Our normal daytime temperature was over 100 degrees while in the summer. These people were walking around, acting like it was hot, plus it was only in the low eighties. I almost shivered. It wasn’t much peculiar than a mild Winter for us, plus the people I was with and I didn’t have gas heating systems to keep us warm. When the people I was with and I got there, the difference was like night plus day. One day it was mildly cool according to their weather report. Not only were the people looking at us oddly when the people I was with and I talked to them, but they were looking at our overcoats. I think no one wore overcoats up north. At least I wasn’t asking for them to turn on the heat, although I was wishing they would turn off some of the a/c. That was the reason our mates plus I were wearing overcoats. Every place the people I was with and I went, the a/c was set so low, that the people I was with and I were shivering. After being out plus about for a while, the people I was with and I would head back to our motel. All of us were able to set our own temperature, thanks to the convenient temperature control in every room. All of us had the a/c off most of the time, just so the people I was with and I could get warm. Next time, we’ll have to wait plus head up here when they have the heating turned on instead of the a/c.

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