Camping without air conditioner isn’t enjoyable

Last month, my family spent a month camping in the woods.

  • The two of us set up tents near a lake plus slept in sleeping bags.

Along with the foods plus pretzels the people I was with and I brought with us, the people I was with and I caught fish plus cooked them over an open flame. During the day, the people I was with and I swam in the lake, hiked the trails plus roasted marshmallows over the campfire. I suppose my hubby plus multiple kids had a great time. Although I pretended to be delighted with our camping trip, I absolutely hated it. It was the middle of July. During the day, the temperature frequently climbed into the mid nineties. It only dropped down to eighty degrees at evening. The humidity was horrendous, however without air conditioner, I was warm, sweaty plus miserable all the time. With no access to running water, I had to bathe in the lake. The water was chilly cold, plus I never felt completely clean. The two of us dealt with mosquitoes, ants, flies plus bees, however sleeping on the ground isn’t as comfortable as my queen sized bed plus fluffy pillows. Cooking raw fish over a campfire isn’t as convenient as my gas oven, microwave plus refrigerator full of options. I had to boil water in a pot to make a cup of coffee. I just wanted to go home plus set the control unit to a comfortable temperature. I missed the central a/c that I’m still making monthly payments on. I don’t understand the appeal of hiking into the woods plus suffering without new amenities. I work difficult to be able to afford things care about a smart control unit, dehumidifier, air conditioner, surround sound plus a dishwasher. I’m not delighted applying bug spray to go to bed at evening.

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