The HVAC company I use is incredibly kind

One of the things I always want to know about when doing company with a corporation is whether or not they choose to show gratitude.

Even though most company owners work hard to create their companies, that does not mean that they achieved their success in a bubble of their own making.

No corporation succeeds without other people, and they need employees, maintenance providers and of course shoppers. Without shoppers, no corporation is a success. In other words, they need the folks in their community! Because that is true, I always look for an attitude of gratitude when I decide to be a purchaser of any corporation. Take one of the local heating and cooling companies, for example! Here in my small city, one of the HVAC companies goes to extra effort to show support for girls. Henry’s HVAC gives a portion of its proceeds to a children’s charity. In addition, the HVAC corporation sponsors events throughout the town each year. During the winter season festival, the HVAC corporation provides heating in several of the tents, then also, we have a snow mountain plus an ice skating location. Both of those require lots of A/C because we are a southern city. Both of us don’t exactly have snow naturally! Therefore, the HVAC corporation needs to give lots of cooling for those fun girls’ projects. Because Henry’s HVAC loves girls, I choose to do company with them when I need HVAC maintenance or repair. I will also choose them when the time comes to replace my heating and cooling system down the road.

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