I was watching for my HVAC technician.

Last week, I had to have an HVAC technician to check out my air conditioning unit.

  • It was just a regular service inspection, but I wasn’t able to find the time in my work schedule to take off the time to be at the house.

I gave the key to my neighbor and told her that if the HVAC tech needed to get into the house. I gave her a check to pay the bill and I went to work. When I got home, I went right over to my neighbor’s. I wanted to know how much it had cost me and know if there were any problems with the air conditioning ? She looked at me kind of oddly, and told me the HVAC technician never showed up. I couldn’t believe it, and I apologized for leaving so quickly, but I wanted to call the HVAC company before they closed. I finally got in touch with the HVAC operator and told them my problem. They insisted the HVAC technician had been there,, and they even pulled out his work order. When they asked the address, the woman groaned. They had transposed two of the numbers and sent him to a different address. She wanted to set up another appointment, and I told her it had to be on a Saturday so I didn’t need to take off work. I got my Saturday appointment and I sat there and waited. When the HVAC tech hadn’t shown up by noon, I made the phone call again. She told me he was on the way.

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