Concerned about my A/C’s lifespan

When you are in the market for a new house, the first thing you tend to do once you find a home you like, is to get the home evaluated.

Home inspectors are supposed to be looking out for the well-being of the homeowner and the bank that is providing the mortgage.

If there is anything too largely wrong with the house, either the bank won’t lend the money or the potential client will back out of the purchase. Well, when I was looking for a new home, I fell in like an older model brick location in an established city. It was at the top of my price range, so I couldn’t afford anything too dramatic to be wrong with it, then the home inspector went in and got to work looking in every nook and corner for what might need to be fixed or upgraded. This apartment had only minor things. The roof was nice and relatively new. The hot water heating system was one of the newer kinds that provides heating on demand. There were no obvious cracks that would indicate foundation troubles. There was just one thing I was worried about. The heating and air conditioning. The inspector suggested that the A/C and furnace actually didn’t have much longer to live. He estimated that I would need to upgrade the heating and air conditioning within years of buying the house. Well, the heating and air conditioning is usually the 2nd most luxurious thing to upgrade in a home, 2nd only to the roof, so that actually made me worry. Then I found out the air conditioning worked fine. He just had a formula that said replacing the A/C usually needed to happen every 8 years, and this heating and air conditioning equipment was more than nine years old. I’m not so worried, so I bought the house.
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