Winter had me nervous.

I’m not someone who ever nervous about the weather.

I could always find the fun in being outside, regardless of it raining, snowing, frosty, or sizzling.

I enjoyed being outdoors. Then I ended up having the flu. Suddenly, I was sicker than I had ever been in our life. I laid in bed shivering. My head was pounding. I had a fever of 104 and I could not breathe. It didn’t matter what I did, I couldn’t seem to shake the flu once it took hold of me. I had the furnace running, and it was only the end of November. When I realized that it ‘was’ only the end of November, I wondered if there was a problem with our furnace. I knew I should have been much warmer than I was. With Winter coming suddenly, I was beginning to worry. I already knew I had to have the servicing done, however I wanted to wait until I was feeling better. If I waited another month or more, it would already be getting close to when both of us had the first freeze in our area. I didn’t want to wait that long. I decided to call the Heating and A/C corporation and make an appointment. I called our mom for the number of the Heating and A/C corporation she had always used. Once I got in touch with the Heating and A/C corporation, I explained our situation. I only had to wait two afternoons for them to come out and look at our furnace. I had a problem, however it wasn’t with the furnace. They told me that I had not changed the control unit from air conditioner to heating.

Heating technician