Sweaters aren’t just for winter.

My fiance has been razzing me for the past couple weeks.

All the sweaters I had put in storage for Winter had been dug out and I was back to wearing them.

He told me it couldn’t possibly be that frosty in the house, however I disagreed. Ever since both of us had the air conditioner unit installed, it was downright frosty. The people I was with and I had modern air vents installed, and those meant for the air conditioner were now located on the wall. The frosty air seemed to be falling right down on top of our head. He was lucky I wasn’t wearing a hat to keep the cool air off our head. He tested the control unit, and he told me it was set for seventy-two, however I was sure it had to be colder than that. The next thing I knew, he was placing a table thermometer right near where I was working. Within minutes, the temperature had dropped to fifty-eight. He frowned when he looked at the thermometer. I half expected to get an apology for how rude he had been. Instead, he walked out of our computer and came back in with a small step stool. He put the thermometer in the air vents. I heard him make a sound as he pulled the thermometer out. He then moved the air vents, so I wasn’t feeling any frosty air coming from it. He told me if the room didn’t moderate up a bit, I should let him know. He said he could shut the air vent off and as long as I kept the door open, I would be comfortable again.


Cooling workman