Have you looked in a PC book lately?

I was in a mad search to find the PC number for our Heating and A/C corporation.

I knew the name of the corporation, however I couldn’t find a company card to go with it.

I looked in every beach house PC and address book that I could find, however I couldn’t find it. I ripped our desk apart, trying to find the company card I knew I had kept from last year. I found a section I thought was for H’s which would help me find the Heating and A/C companies. When I found the Heating and A/C section, there was a reference to searching for heating, ventilation and air conditioner. I moved forward to the section it referred me to only to find there were quite a few Heating and A/C companies, however I couldn’t learn the numbers unless I had a magnifying glass. I knew our eyup were getting bad, however I didn’t know they had become this bad. I called our daughter into the room and asked her to look at the numbers for me. She grabbed the magnifying glass and found the number I was looking for. My daughter laughed at me when I just sat there looking at her with our head hung low. She handed me the card for the Heating and A/C corporation that had been on our desk. She told me I wasn’t losing our eyupight, however I had too much clutter on our desk. The people I was with and I both laughed as she walked away so I could get to our call.. I could finally call the Heating and A/C corporation and get our Heating and A/C repair tied up before the next big storm hit.

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