Hybrid heating makes a lot of sense

When every one of us bought our home, it was already outfitted with a forced air heating system, but the heating system is powerful enough to handle the extremely low rapidly changing temperatures every one of us get in this area; However, every one of us had no centralized cooling system; While the local summers aren’t all that long, the temperature often remains in the high eighties with awful humidity for weeks at a time.

  • The condo abruptly becomes sticky, overheated and unbearable, i wasn’t enthusiastic with window air conditioners in unique rooms.

I contacted a professional Heating and Air Conditioning company for an estimate on a whole-house cooling unit. He commanded that I purchase a heat pump rather than an air conditioner, but at first, this sounded love a crazy idea. The people I was with and I already had the HVAC duct in place for a conventional air conditioner and a heat pump costs a lot more to install. However, I did some research and combining a heat pump with a heating system truly makes a lot of sense. It’s called a hybrid heating system and works to save quite a bit of cash on year round temperature control! During the summer time months, the heat pump manages to keep the condo nice and cool and costs less to operate than an air conditioner! Plus, it’s better at getting rid of excess humidity. When the weather cools off, the heat pump switches over to heating mode and provides especially energy efficient heating, and because it simply moves heat from one location to another rather than burning fossil fuels, it’s more environmentally friendly as well, but once the temperature drops below frigid, the system automatically switches over to the heating system.

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