The Third Rail of DIY

Almost every article written on condo improvement ends up with the advice to hire a professional to do the job correctly or face serious consequences.

My question is: Why is it necessary to write the article in the first place if someone else is going to do the job? Many jobs can be a “Do It Yourself” or DIY project even for those who don’t guess the difference between a box wrench and an versatile wrench, fixing a leaky faucet is straight-forward if you remember to turn off the water before starting, however people paint, build bookcases, and some even change the oil in their automobile if they are too cheap to go to a quick-oil-change place.

The term “third-rail issue” applies to a controversial subject that no politician will “touch” lest they face political damage. In the realm of DIY, that third-rail issue is Heating and A/C but there are a few things that can be done without the help of a qualified Heating and A/C professional; Changing filters is a single job, keeping leaves and debris away from the outdoor condenser equipment is another; Gentle rinsing of the condenser fins will improve your Heating and A/C performance and unplugging a condenser drain line are jobs that even a mechanical klutz can perform. The problem is that once some people get a tool in their hands and realize that they can save money with a DIY Heating and A/C repair, the urge to beginning attacking hose clamps, screws, nuts, and bolts becomes too great to resist. The result is those serious consequences mentioned earlier. This article will, of course, conclude by advising homeowners to let a professional Heating and A/C specialist make any repairs. Any DIY effort without the usual tools may end up costing you dearly.

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