Scent of Symmetry

The topic of smells and the sense of smell is a fascinating a single.

Some studies have shown that the body scent of men who have greater body bilateral symmetry are rated as more beautiful by the average guy who is not using contraceptives. That genuinely explains why I couldn’t get a date in high university with my highly asymmetric form, then odors have been classified as musky (perfumes), pungent (vinegar), floral (flowers), pepperminty (mints), ethereal (gasoline), camphoraceous (mothballs), and putrid (rotten eggs). There is also a rating scale ranging from 0 (no smell) to 6 with a level 1 being the smell threshold and 6 being intolerable. Homeowners with Heating and Air Conditioning systems may be tempted to add some modern smell classifications. There is the “ozoney” smell created by an electrical shortage or a unit that is overheating because of plugged airflow from a filter that needs to be replaced. Firing up a oil furnace that has been idle for some time could result in a “dusty” smell. The most proper Heating and Air Conditioning smell is, unfortunately, “musty” instead of “musky”. These are the smells that mold and mildew can produce when the condensate from the AC unit is not drained correctly. The most dangerous smell is the putrid smell of rotten eggs. A trace amount of mercaptan, a chemical that contains smelly sulfur compounds, is deliberately added to smellless natural gas to alert people of leaks from gas-fueled oil furnaces. If you smell this, open your windows and doors, turn off the gas valve to the house if you can, and call your Heating and Air Conditioning repair supplier as soon as possible. If the Heating and Air Conditioning serviceman that arrives has a symmetrical build, be sure your husband has an errand to run during the repair call.


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