My number one cannabis dispensary has a strong UV light air cleaner in the lobby

Businesses by and large have varied on their responses to the pandemic.

I live in a fairly conservative section and I remember walking into corporations while in the initial lockdowns and no a single was even attempting to follow county and state instruction.

The local hardware store in our small town refused to comply with county mask ordinances, however no a single in the county even wanted to enforce these rules to begin with. If I walk into a supplier and see that most people is not wearing a mask, I turn around and leave. There’s always someone else with a competing business, whether it’s a hardware store, the bank, or a negligent doctors office. The cannabis dispensaries all seem to be doing their best by comparison. They all have mask rules for their retail locations and no a single is allowed entry unless they comply with the rule. Still, I’d like to see them following suit with our number one dispensary. This store not only requires masks, however they also use this high powered UV light air purification machine. It has a strong fan that pulls in air from inside the store and pushes it through a series of UV light bulbs, killing any viral particles in the process. If local corporations would simply improve their ventilation, it would go far towards mitigating health risks among their clients and employees both. Just getting better ventilation alone could reduce the rate of transmission. These companies will complain about the costs, then the federal government will shrug its shoulders while expecting all of the states to materialize the money like pulling a rabbit out of a hat. And if no deal is reached, they simply project and blame the other side.


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