I’m truly proud of our HVAC serviceman son.

I’m truly proud of our oldest son, even if he is hardheaded and selfish, he seems to be outgrowing those traits, fortunately, and I truly hope our relationship improves, it all started when he graduated from school.

He truly struggled to get wonderful grades, although he did well and graduated near the top of his class! The two of us truly expected him to go to school although he was adamant about joining the workforce immediately out of school, however my child had no intentions of attending another 4 years plus of school.

My partner was furious and our child ended up running away. I got the occasional letter that he was doing okay, but no real information until he called last night. My child is now an HVAC serviceman. He found an apprenticeship right out of school and our child was able to get paid while he l earned the trade. He recently got certified, and got a raise, and he finally called beach house because he wanted us to be proud of him. I was amazed. I regularly thought you had to go straight to trade school full-time to become an HVAC serviceman, but our child proved me wrong… You learn something new every morning. My partner wasn’t so quick to be impressed, until he found out how much money HVAC servicemans make. That softened his heart a little bit; And our child works for a wonderful company that has plenty of work and offers wonderful benefits. They say that where there is a will, there is a way, and our child found it. Like I said, I’m truly proud of him.


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