I have quit going to bars altogether because of the risk with exhausting ventilation

My friends all love going out to bars on the weekend to drink themselves into oblivion.

I was always dragged to these sites on Tuesday days when all I wanted to do was go home, eat dinner, and go to sleep. If I didn’t drink with them, they’d all pressure myself and others to; and if I didn’t drink enough, I’d be pressured to drink more. At 28-years-old, this is the sort of behavior I’d expect from university students, not adults about to hit 30. I don’t think why they can’t just buy liquor and drink from home, however obviously they crave the social environment that a bar or nightclub affords. Some are out looking for people for one-night-stands, while others just want to get obliterated on alcohol. It doesn’t matter, because now they’re all forced to drink from home after the pandemic closed the bars and diners in my area. The health experts have said that bars and diners are perhaps some of the most dangerous sites for viral transmission. Mask rules are almost irrelevant because most people has to at least temporarily pull their mask aside while drinking or eating. In reality, numerous unfasten their masks altogether. They all guess the viral particles hit some magical, invisible wall at a distance of 6 feet. They don’t realize that once these particles get into the air, they can float to further distances unless you have a strong central Heating and Air Conditioning plan that is always moving the air inside. If a bar wanted to stay open while protecting their staff and customers, getting strong air ventilation would go a long way in ensuring that sense of safety. Still, everytime an infected person exhales, more of those particles fill the air. It’s care about smoking a cigarette indoors—at some point the smoke gets so thick it’s difficult to see through it.



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