I had to make it through the summer time with no cooling system in my car

I have been driving old used cars for as long as I’ve had a drivers license.

My family always had old beater cars as well, mostly because my dad was a skilled mechanic plus was able to keep all of those old cars on the road much longer than they would have been otherwise. Every one of us never paid for those repairs beyond whatever parts my father had to source from either the junkyard or from discount auto parts sites on the internet. Nowadays I live on the other side of the country from my parents plus can no longer benefit from my father’s skills as a mechanic. As such, my old used automobile seems to be getting worse by the year. I had to get a new catalytic converter for the exhaust system after replacing the cracked radiator. When I first bought it, I had to get a tire alignment to get the steering back to normal. No matter what I do to fix this car, there always seems to be something else going wrong to take its locale. Currently, my car’s a/c doesn’t work. Air moves through the vents, but it’s either room temperature or hot depending on the weather conditions outside. I was hoping that maybe my car’s a/c just needed to be charged with more coolant, but that wasn’t the case. Instead, I was informed that the compressor for the a/c had fried. This was no simple or inhigh-priced fix, plus I knew I wouldn’t be able to afford it. That meant having to drive the automobile through the summer time season with no air conditioning inside. I had to leave my windows rolled down, plus even then I still sweated care about crazy.


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