Enjoying the air conditioning in winter.

Wintertide had started early last year and was bitter to even the heartiest Northerner.

My husband and I were ready to trade the heating in for air conditioning and head for a tropical vacation.

And both of us did. Every one of us both work online, so both of us took our work with us. So, a few afternoons after Christmas, both of us took an overheated however cheap flight that both of us had found online to a tropical destination few people had heard of yet. It was good to get away from the ice and snow and be at a location where you actually need to run the air conditioning to be comfortable, then never in my life have I been in a situation where I had to run the air conditioning in winter. It was amazing. Every one of us had a lovely time. Every one of us are early risers and both of us chose that time to get our work done. Every one of us had both lightened our work load for that week so both of us didn’t spend too much time on work. After laboring a few hours, both of us would go out to eat and go for a walk to find some entertainment, usually air conditioned. Even though it was winter, it was still pretty moderate in those parts, and fortunately, there was plenty of shade and things to do doing in the historic downtown area. Every one of us spent the overheated afternoons in air conditioned museums, art galleries and theaters before heading to the beach in the late day and early night. After a few hours of beach going, outdoor dining and walking, I was more than ready to go back to the motel room, find a movie and soak up the air conditioning. I undoubtedly hope both of us take another laboring vacation there again this year.


a/c worker