The promotion led to a move.

For the last five years we have been living in an area where the weather is horrible both in summer and winter.

With another long winter bearing down on us, I was thrilled when my husband received a promotion in his company.

Not only was he about to make more money, but we were going to need to move. His promotion was taking us to an area that had average winter temperatures in the upper fifties and I would never need to worry about freezing. Even the summer had mild temperatures with an average high of only in the mid to upper seventies. I would never need to worry about air conditioning in the summer. Winter would be a breeze with the electric heating that was in the house. The company he worked for had already secured a home for us and paid the first and last month’s rent. Even my kids are excited to get to a new area. From what I understand, there are very few people with air conditioning in that area, and we were going to be living on the outskirts of town. I couldn’t wait for the move and I hoped we would be out of here before the cold and snow arrived. I used to like winter when I was a kid, but not anymore. I want to be where I’m not going to freeze every time I walk out the door. I no longer want to worry about having air conditioning when I’m in the car or out. We are all excited about this move and it can’t come quick enough.

indoor air quality

The house smelled of burnt oil.

My daughter is a budding pastry chef.

Some of the things she makes turns out to be quite yummy and they are decorated so beautifully.

Unfortunately, these items are few and far between. Most of her baking ends up burnt. When she fires items like donuts or pasties, the oil inevitably gets way too hot, burning the food, and sending an acrid film of smoky grease throughout my kitchen. I didn’t realize how bad it had become until I came home one afternoon and all I could smell was old grease. It floored me when I recognized the condition of my air quality. I said something to my daughter about the odors and she almost cried. She told me she thought the air filters were going to take care of the odors. A part of me also thought some of the odors should have been eliminated with the air filters, but we were both wrong. I then remembered how my best friend had told me that when she had her air purifier install, the air quality in her house had improved within hours. I had considered having a whole home air purifier installed, but I also knew how expensive they were. Maybe with all of the mistakes my daughter is making in the kitchen, and the pandemic raging again, I should reconsider my decision not to have it installed. I’m sure I can get some kind of monthly payment plan throughout my HVAC company. I have excellent credit and I have been with the same HvAC company for the last fifteen years. That should help toward getting my air purification system right away.

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I’m the queen of coupons.

I have the worst type of allergies. I am allergic to all kinds of pollen and I am highly allergic to house dust. House dust causes me to have symptoms that are worse than when I had the flu. The only difference is that with the flu I had nausea and diarrhea. One of the things that helps with my allergies, is when I change the air filters more often. I was changing the air filters about once a month, but I had to change that time. I realized that if I changed the air filter every couple weeks, my allergies would be less severe. The air filters help to take out the dust,, dirt and pollen, before it is able to get into the house. When the air filters get too full, they aren’t able to remove as much dust and dirt from the air. I was looking online one afternoon, and I started reading about HEPA air filters. I was beginning to wonder if the HEPA air filter wouldn’t be a better option for me. I went online and I found a place where I could purchase the HEPA air filter. I couldn’t believe the difference they made in my HVAC system. My air was cleaner than it had ever been. I even had comments from my family about how good my air quality was. I found that the HEPA air filter was much more expensive than my regular air filters. I was worried about the cost. I went online and I found a coupon where I would only need to pay half the price if I bought a full case of the HEPA air filter.

Cooling equipment

The air conditioner wasn’t doing its job.

I was having a bit of a problem with my air conditioner last summer.

It didn’t matter what I did, the AC wasn’t able to cool off my house.

We didn’t have an HVAC company to call when something went wrong. We had the name of the HVAC company the previous owner of our home had used, but we knew how difficult it was to get in touch with them. I decided to go to my social media page and get some recommendations on an HVAC company to work on my air conditioning unit. One of my friends from church happened to see my post and she gave me a call. She told me that she had a friend that had been working on her HVAC system for years. He did a good job and he didn’t charge much if he charged anything at all. She told me she used to live next door to this man and that was how she got to know him. I didn’t like working with people I didn’t know and with HVAC companies I didn’t trust. I started thinking about the HVAC service van that I always saw sitting outside her house, so I asked her to give the man a call for me. I told him what was going on with the air conditioner and he assured me that he would be able to repair it for me. He came out to look at the air conditioner and he went right to work on it. He told me my problem was the ductwork was clogged with dust and dirt. He fixed the air conditioner and he told me I needed to get my ductwork cleaned.

Heating corp

He works more than he is at home.

My husband has been an HVAC specialist ever since I met him.

I’m not sure what his customers see in him, other than that he is very good at his job.

Most of his customers think that he is better than the invention of sliced bread. He is in such high demand that he seems to be out of the house more than he is in the house. Because of how hard he works, he is always getting raises and getting promotions in the HVAC company. I know that he loves his job, but I don’t. His boss calls him the super hero of HVAC technicians. His schedule is always full and many people will request his presence if they have an emergency call for their HVAC system. A couple weeks ago, I was upset when he had to go out of the house for work, more than he normally did. I tried to tell my husband that I thought his HVAC job was more important than I was. He told me that he got paid well for the job that he did. His customers depended on him to be there when they needed his help. I thought they depended on him way too much, but he didn’t see it that way and neither did his boss. I would love to be able to talk to his customers and tell them that his wife needs him just as much as they do, but I would never do that. I know what a good HVAC technician he is and I can only imagine how much his customers depend on his being there in a time of need.


HEPA filter

It isn’t easy to remodel.

Unfortunately, since I liked it, my wife didn’t and she went back to the brass air vent cover

Remodelling is possibly one of the hardest jobs you will ever undertake when it is your home. Not only is it hard work, but it is the cause of many fights in my family. Once we got into the home stretch of having the house completed, my wife wanted to finally have her say in the repairs and updates. Up until then, she had stayed away and allowed the contractors to do their job, but not anymore. She suddenly decided she didn’t want to have the old air vent covers that were in the house. I knew this was coming, but I didn’t think it was going to be such a long and difficult decision for her to make. She chose several different types of air vent covers. She found this one that looked like it was made of brass. It had squigglies all over and it was really expensive. I had to tell her no, but she was pretty stubborn. From that air vent cover, she went to a white air vent that looked like it was part of a chain link fence. It was cute, but I didn’t think I would like it. Then she found an air vent cover that looked like it was made of wood. I was worried that it would burn from the heat, but the salesman told me that it wasn’t real wood. It did look good and I knew it would go with the rest of the decor. Unfortunately, since I liked it, my wife didn’t and she went back to the brass air vent cover. I put my foot down and gave her a price range.


heating and air conditioning

If you want quality work, you pay for it.

My dad was always giving us what he called the pearls of wisdom.

He wanted us to know these little tidbits to keep us safe in the future.

One of things that he told me came back with a rush a couple weeks ago. He always told us that HVAC machinery was just machinery. It wasn’t if the furnace or air conditioner was going to break down, but when it was going to break down. The problem is that when the HVAC system breaks down, repairing it can be a very costly thing to do. When my furnace broke, I was facing a really hefty fee. I remembered my dad saying that it was the quality of work and not the cost that you should be concerned with. I got a couple different estimates to have the furnace repaired. One of them was cheaper so I did as much review on the company and their work, as I could possibly find. I looked at their estimate of work as opposed to the estimate of work from the more reputable company. There were a lot of extra costs on that estimate. I called my dad and he told me it could be that the cheaper company has hidden costs. I started looking at their reviews, only to find that they often gave the cheaper estimate for HVAC repair or replacement. When the work was done, the customers were finding that the work was more expensive, and there were many problems after the work was done. I called the HVAC company that was more expensive knowing that what my dad said was right. You get what you pay for.

Washable filter

Every house has a cold spot.

There are times when I get upset because my mom will call morning or night, to complain about something. I’m not always able to deal with these calls with a smile, but I do my best. The last time he called me, it was to complain about there being a cold spot in the house. I don’t know if he just needs someone to talk to or if he really has something that needs to be dealt with. Last week, when she told me about the cold spot, I almost asked her what dad said, but then I changed my mind. Dad is not someone that you want working on the HVAC system. Although he is quite a handyman when it comes to odd chores, anything that has to do with HVAC becomes a major chore. It is cheaper and easier to call the HVAC company than to allow dad to repair it. I explained to mom that the problem could be with the ductwork. Every house has their cold spots, but often there can be a small crack in the ductwork. The air will blow through that hole or crack and cause a cold spot. I told her to call the HvAC company and if dad gave her any grief, then she could call me. Dad agreed with what I said and told her that calling the HVAC company was the right move. She was able to have the ductwork repaired. Once she had the ductwork repaired, the cold spot in the living room went away. It made her feel better, and I felt better too.

HVAC service

There will be a special promotion at our HVAC company.

After graduation from high school, my dad sent me to college to get a degree.

I worked hard to get my degree in advertising. I learned all about SEO and how to build ads that would secure a person good exposure online. I was really hyped thinking that once I graduated, I would be able to work for my dad and set up his advertising campaigns. Before he would allow me to work with him, he told me I had to work for him. He wanted me to know every facet of the business before trying to advertise for him. Since he paid for my entire education, I felt I owed him this much. My problem was that I knew so much about the job I could be doing, I felt like I was wasting my time. I went to work everyday with my father, and I worked with many of the HVAC technicians learning about everything they did. For several years I tagged along with different HVAC technicians. I learned about gas furnaces and air conditioners. I even watched over the service appointments. I am really glad that I did what my father told me to do. It made me a much better ad man for the HVAC company, knowing exactly what it was that all of them did in their job. Last month, my dad allowed me to set up my first ad campaign. He was running a special that if a client bought a two year maintenance and repair agreement, they got one year free. He got a lot of clients through the ad campaign that I launched.

a/c care

It will soon be winter.

As much as I hate the idea, I have to admit to myself that winter is on the way and it doesn’t make me happy.

Unfortunately, the only way I have of escaping this horrible circumstance called winter, is by moving.

Moving is not going to happen any time soon. That means that I am going to need to just get myself prepared for winter both mentally and physically. I already have a wardrobe that will keep me warm, but I also need to have my furnace ready for winter. Since I hate freezing, that means that I need to call the HVAC company and have them service my furnace. Since I hate winter so much and I have such a hard time staying warm, I have the time marked on my calendar when I need to call the HVAC company. I know that if I just pay attention to when the weather begins cooling off, it should be my signal. I don’t want to take any chances. Every year I call the HVAC company, knowing they will come out and clean the heating and air conditioning system. I also have them clean my ductwork. Last year, I considered having radiant heating installed into my bathroom and bedroom. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to be cold in every room that I was in. Every couple years, I want to make sure everything is working well. Although it seems like a bit of overkill to some of my friends, it is just a precaution I take to make sure I am warm and cozy all winter long.
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