Glad to know that I can count on the HVAC company

When we decided to roll the dice on getting one more summer out of our heat pump, I wasn’t really even factoring in the HVAC company.

To me, they had already done their job.

The HVAC technician had informed us that our heat pump was on the ropes when he was there to do the air conditioning tune-up. And we met with an HVAC contractor to understand the costs and the choices we needed to make when it came to replacing the HVAC equipment. So really, the HVAC company had done what they were supposed to do as far as I as concerned. I would find out later that they really did have our backs. The simple reason we went ahead and tried for another summer with the old heat pump was money. We hadn’t been saving up for the new HVAC equipment as we had planned a few years ago. We really wanted to just buy it outright instead of going with the financing. So we needed some more time to save up. My wife and I thought that if we could just get one more summer in, we’d have the money. That meant that we really did our best when it came to reducing the load on the old HVAC unit. Still, that turned out not to be enough. The HVAC unit crashed at the end of August. However, the HVAC company stepped in and saved us while with portable air conditioning units while we waited for our turn for installation. Our HVAC company is just the best and we are so pleased to still be doing business with them after 25 years.

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Home gym and better HVAC is the way to go

The next thing we know, there is a great gym with great heating and cooling in our home

I’m just so glad to not be totally cooped up in the air conditioning of home like I was all of 2020. Don’t get me wrong, I love my house and am super thankful for the quality heating and air we have in this place. I sort of complained when my wife wanted to go with the latest in residential HVAC. We replaced the HVAC equipment a few years back. My wife really wanted all that HVAC technology and I was a bit resistant due to the cost. But man, was she ever right on about our HVAC equipment. That said, if I had to spend an entire year inside the air conditioning, I’m sure glad it was here. But I did miss doing stuff. Going to restaurants and getting together inside one another’s home was stuff that was off limits as was the gym. It’s not like I’m a real serious gym rat or anything. But I totally got into going to the gym with my wife. Exercise was great for my health and wellness and we were able to share something as well. So when the pandemic shut down the gym for us, we decided to make one in the basement. I called the HVAC company to have them install a ductless heat pump down there. And then we just started looking for use exercise equipment online. The next thing we know, there is a great gym with great heating and cooling in our home. I’m glad to be able to get back out to doing some things now that I’m fully vaccinated. But no way I trade the perfect HVAC comfort of my home gym for another gym membership.
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Heat pumps suits us and our four seasons

It’s nice to be sort of even about things.

I do my best not to get to up about things and at the same time, not to get too low either.

It’s a bit of a balance but I think that I’m at my best when I live life like this. Perhaps that has a lot to do with the example nature has set for me. I live in a region where we have four very distinct and measured seasons. So when your sick of HVAC heating, it won’t be long until you don’t need it. Then just like that, you realize that it’s time to turn on the air conditioning. That’s the sort of balance we have around here. It’s like we can just start getting over one season and the next one is right around the corner. For heating and cooling, we are lucky that all we need is the heat pump. That piece of heating and cooling equipment is just perfect for this region. We have a fairly cold winter with some snow and ice. But the heat pump more than holds its own when it comes to heating the house. And the same goes for the HVAC cooling. Of course, the heat pump is in its wheelhouse with HVAC cooling. That’s what started the whole thing. But our home is always so comfortable and we get tremendous cooling comfort from our air conditioning. This balance of seasons may have shown me that balance in life is just so essential. Sometimes it’s not easy to maintain. And like everyone else I get out of balance time and again. Yet, I’m learning to recognize that sooner and sooner in order to do what I need to do to get back in balance again.


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The problem had me racking my brain for an answer

My wife was Outdoors breaking wood for the fireplace. Both of us have an excellent furnace plus both of us don’t guess we need our fireplace much at all. My wife told myself and others that this Christmas the two of us were going to use the fireplace all of the time. The temperatures were extremely cold plus the fireplace was seriously an Overkill. My wife still insisted that we take care of the problem. She told myself and others that many of us would have snow on Christmas Day. The snow and cold temperatures would make the fireplace absolutely cozy. I didn’t understand why my wife wanted snow on the ground so badly at Christmas. I guess he absolutely believed the stories. On the day before, I listened to the report about the weather. It was going to be unusually warm and the weather was continuing towards the year. My wife told myself and others that the unusually hot weather would leave and her sciatica was telling her that things would be a problem. I woke up the next morning and there was a serious kill in the house. My wife had to turn on the heat, because it was so cold outside. I turned up the weather and a freak cold front came to the area. The person said that they were going to predict 8 or more inches of snow to fall over the weekend. Of course we were all incredibly surprised by the strange announcement.


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Wrong choices are hard to live with

When I was growing up, I wanted to be just enjoy my dad.

  • He was the owner of a heating and AC dealership.

He was easily the best heating and AC specialist in our state. No matter the time of evening or morning, my dad was there if a customer contacted him with an emergency heating problem. He often told us that he was there to work and it did not matter if he was the owner or one of the contractor specialists. I usually admired my dad plus the dedication he had to working as an HVAC specialist. After I graduated from my time and Community College, I signed up for an apprenticeship job in a heating and AC place. I worked at that area for an entire year. Then I decided to labor with my father. A heating and AC specialist job is very rewarding but also quite demanding. I do my job very well. I’ve done nothing but search around to find jobs that make myself and others careful. It was strenuous to tell my dad that I was no longer going to labor for him, but I decided that the HV AC specialist industry was not for me. Something inside myself and others did not believe that the reparations were enough. I usually wanted to design home heating and cooling systems and that meant that I needed to finish engineering school right away. That would certainly change a lot of things for me and give me options that I did not have in the past.


I lost my engagement ring in the sink

The family was quite cheerful, but I was upset when I could not find my diamond ring at all

Normally when I go to labor, I take off my engagement ring. It is one piece of my jewelry that absolutely means a great deal to me. I don’t usually want to lose it. The diamond ring goes on my necklace whenever I have to put on a uniform. My own wife is the true owner of a heating and AC contracting business. I was easily the first heating and AC specialist that she decided to hire. Since that time, there are teams of heating and AC Specialists to do these jobs. Usually my wife plus myself are the first to go. When she said a furnace upgrade needed repaired, the two of us hopped into our Repair Van. She grabbed my hand plus easily reminded myself and some others that the diamond ring was on. The two of us were already at the residence and trying to install the furnace. The furnace was ready and waiting, because it had been delivered the day before. We were finally making the last upgrades. My wife plus myself abruptly dispatched the furnace and the ductwork. We attached the thermostat and the two of us left the house after the furnace was finally working. The family was quite cheerful, but I was upset when I could not find my diamond ring at all. I looked all over my pocket and then finally realize that my wife got into the van and smiled. She found the ring and put it in one of her pockets. I was absolutely happy about the turn of events.


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We need someone to fix the AC the right way

I guess he did not remember that I asked him multiple times to repair the air conditioner

When we were first married, my wifey decided to start a heating and AC dealership. From the true start, things were a huge success. He told myself and others that she was working strenuously to make this contracting business a huge success. She really wanted to give the contracting business to our son. Both of us now have two older Sons that work as Heating and also AC specialists. They labor here with their father. Neither son has left our house and I wonder if any of them will get married. I certainly want them to find a place of Their Own. I believe I have three heating and AC specialists and they will all live in my home forever. Although I love these men greatly, it is very upsetting to myself and others when there are air conditioner problems. I have three specialists living in the house. Every night and a separate table plus at times in between, I have told them that the air conditioner does not appear to be working correctly. Last week it was the final straw and the house was extremely hot. I told everyone that the air conditioner wasn’t working but my husband still seemed surprised when there was no air conditioning in the house. I guess he did not remember that I asked him multiple times to repair the air conditioner. When he realized the problem, he had to help me fix it right away. There were no ways for us to get things done without one of the kids helping with the project.


HVAC specialists are in our family

When my sons were both little, the two of us tease them lots as they were growing up.

They were taking up work to make a lot of our lives easier.

My youngest kid easily wanted to be a doctor. Another son wanted to be an electrician. One of our kids took up plumbing, heating, and AC repair work. Over multiple years, many of us have had the opportunity when all of us had to use our sons and their skills. Of course my wife nor myself did not feel comfortable to ask our son to supply us with health advice, but our other son that works as a heating and AC specialist was on speed dial. Every time we had a tiny noise in our furnace or air conditioner, my dad contacted him. When there was no air flow, we called our. He was easily the first person to leave the apartment plus be on his own. He is also the one that the two of us easily see the most. My wifey gets up some trouble sometimes just so she can contact our son to fix the heater or air conditioner. She is the only child that has some children and last week we decided to say the furnace wasn’t working so we could have some time with the grandkids. I told myself and others that the thermostat was not working properly and the furnace was problematic. I guess our son thought that we were in need of a repair because he showed up with all of his work tools.


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I didn't think there would be a problem

When I was young, someone told myself and others that I was able to do anything and be my best.

My grandfather easily told myself and others that there was nothing I would be unable to do.

We were not allowed to say things like we can’t because that was not an option of giving up. When my wifey told myself plus others out the window air conditioner could not be prepared, I had to prove that to be a wrong statement. She was easily determined that both of us would go to a shopping place to purchase a new window air conditioner. I did not want to repair the window air conditioner and did not feel like it was necessary for the two of us to go shopping. I don’t guess I have seen my wifey very angry with me but she did not want to talk to myself and others for several afternoons. Just gave myself and others an option to easily open the air conditioner as well as how they look at the repairs. I’m not saying I guess a lot about an air conditioner, but I don’t. To be honest, I guess entirely nothing much about air conditioners. I had a computer in the knowledge of using that computer plus I also knew how to use the searching area. I placed the serial number on a search repair and many different YouTube video showed up. Each one of the videos talked about the difference in repairing the air conditioner. The problem that I didn’t guess was wrong was entirely and AC problem that was easy to repair.
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The embarrassment was too much to handle

After I reach for my cell phone and try to get up, I noticed that there was a huge problem

I need to pay attention to where I feel mad at times. When I have kids plus creatures Rocking Around myself plus others while I work, I easily become distracted. Last week I worked on a furnace located near the family playroom. While I was working on the furnace, the kids in this house were screaming, knocking all over the place and the pets were easily barking. My ADHD symptoms were on high alert. For the past many years, I have easily worked as a heating and AC specialist. I knew I should have been alert to these type of situations, but things were really bad at this time. I was sitting up after being in a cramped space for a while. My left side was cramping and I stumbled around. I immediately tripped over some toys plus I fell on my back. A piercing pain went directly to my back plus I knew there was some serious damage. I heard my mother yelled because the child was screaming. No one actually looked up and I was embarrassed that I tripped directly on the toys. I was not interested in calling for help. After I reach for my cell phone and try to get up, I noticed that there was a huge problem. I explained exactly what happened and it turned out that my kneecap was broken. The owner of the house told myself and others that she would contact someone for an ambulance to help out. It was an embarrassing situation when trying to fix the furnace.

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