I have to be away on business a lot

My work requires me to travel lots of the time. I’m away on business-related trips more than I am at home now… Although I love this aspect of my work, it causes some difficulties for me. I have had to hire people to mow the lawn, to plow the driveway, and to keep up with official maintenance responsibilities. I simply don’t have the time to do it, but I’ve also invested in a security plan to make sure my lake house is protected whether I’m at the lake house or away. It would be pretty easy for anyone to figure out that the place is empty the majority of the time… They could break right in through a window or door on the back of the lake house and then they’d have plenty of time to remove stuff or mess stuff up. I also worry about natural disasters. A tree branch could fall on the roof or the pipes could freeze! Or the water gas furnace might rupture while I’m away. My new security plan includes sensors for smoke, temperature fluctuation, glass breakage, or power outages. They send text alerts if there’s a problem at the house. Plus, there’s surveillance cameras that give a real-time view of every part of the property. From my phone, I can watch video, turn lights on or off and unlock doors. This feature is helpful when packages are delivered. I have a friend who gets my mail for me and takes care of deliveries. I simply use my cellphone to unlock the door and then lock it back. When I get back home, a geofencing feature is aware of my location plus it automatically opens up the garage door, and turns on the lights. My security plan is almost like having a personal assistant on the premises at all times.

Surveillance System Service