HVAC air ducts get cleaned you know

It’s not so much that I am a complete freak about germs.

But, with the big issue of the day being a potentially deadly virus, it’s hard not to think about germs. I just didn’t realize how much of that had to do with the HVAC air ducts. It’s a full house so I have to be sure that I am always on top of cleaning surfaces. It’s lucky that I have a husband and kids who want to chip in and help. There are nights when we both get home and all we want to do is sit down and soak up the HVAC comfort. However, we urge each other on and get our cleaning chores knocked out before getting dinner ready. But, it certainly would be nice to be able to kick back in the HVAC and have a glass of wine or two. The HVAC also came into play recently for cleaning. Not too long ago, I noticed dirt and grime all around one of the HVAC vents in the house. I checked the others only to find much the same situation. It was quite apparent that our HVAC air ducts would need to be cleaned. I called our local HVAC people for guidance. They set us an appointment with a company who only cleans HVAC ducts. I was surprised by this as I had not ever heard of anything like that. The crew came out and did a great job. The ducts were sparkling clean. They also resealed all the duct joints. So, we’ll get a bump in HVAC efficiency as well. I’m just glad the ducts are cleaned and that is one less worry.

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