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Dehumidifier is a necessary addition

I live far enough south that the heat is just about a year round issue. There is no need for any type of heating system because the temperature never drops below fifty degrees. A central air conditioner is essential because the temperature often climbs into the triple digits. Fortunately, technology has improved the efficiency and […]

Considering a smart thermostat

My current thermostat was already installed when we bought our house eight years ago. I am fairly certain that the thermostat is way older than I am. It is a plastic model with a dial that needs to be manually adjusted. It allows us to raise and lower the temperature of the house. That is […]

My sister needs a new boyfriend

I know my sister thinks she is happy with her new man, but I think the guy is a total jerk. He doesn’t let my sister hang out with friends and he barely lets her come see me. My sister said he is just being protective, but I think he is being jealous and obsessive. […]

The neighbor and his wife are fighting again

I can always tell when the neighbor and his wife are fighting, because the guy usually sleeps in the backyard. It’s a really nice backyard with a gazebo and a sofa. Honestly, it’s probably a lot nicer than most of the local hotels. I thought I heard them yelling and screaming last night, but I […]

The fireplace needed to be cleaned

If the fireplace is dirty, smoke and fumes can build up inside of your home and make people sick. The soot and smoke can also harm surfaces in your home and cause irreparable damage. Your fireplace should be cleaned every season if you plan to use it frequently. My wife and I learned about proper […]

Turn off the heat!

I can’t believe I am saying this, but last year, I had to tell my parents it was time to turn off the heat. It was early June and I walked into the house and walked right back out. I couldn’t believe what had hit me. I could hear the heat going through the water […]

We were considering a destination wedding

My fiance and I had been planning our wedding for almost a year. We had tentatively put a destination wedding into our plans. The only thing we had to decide was where the destination was going to be. We had considered heading south, but neither of us really wanted to travel that far. We then […]