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Buying a 5 star rated HVAC purifier

My dust sensitivities have been really dreadful this year and I suppose it’s time to buy an indoor whole-home air purifier for the house. I talked to my doctor about an indoor whole-home air purifier and he told me that it would definitely help, and an indoor whole-home air purifier can help eliminate a lot […]

Perfect for my computer room

I have a nice little computer room in my house. I kind of think of it as a getaway from the common everyday world where I can disappear into cyber world and do the hobbies I like to do online. However there was a small problem with this computer room in the winter months. It […]

Needing it to be more quiet

When you buy something like a portable space heater or a portable air conditioning system, the last thing you expect is for them to be noisy. Well, this was unfortunately the case with both the portable air conditioning system and portable space heater I bought for my home. I found myself not being able to […]

The winter and my skin

If it was not for central heating I am not sure what on earth I would do. I have a problem with my skin in the winter when it gets really cold. My skin happens to dry out and crack. And with central heating, this helps this not happen as much. When I am outside […]

Too much cold gives me headaches

When it gets really cold out I tend to get headaches from it. This is just the way my body reacts. So because of this factor, every single winter I always make sure my home is heated really well. Either through my central heating system or from the multiple amounts of portable space heaters I […]

In-laws have overheated house for the holidays

My in-laws have a gas well located on their property. This provides them access to free natural gas. It costs them nothing to heat their home, use the oven and run the hot water heater. Since we live in an area that is well-known for our extreme winter weather, this is very advantageous. It costs […]

Not happy with the cold up north

I live down south, where we run the air conditioner nearly all year round. I never need to wear more than a sweatshirt to keep warm. I don’t own a wool coat, knitted hat or heavy boots. I enjoy fresh air and sunshine. My brother lives way up north, where it’s cold and wet most […]