School refused to fix the furnace

Our principal refused to maintain the gas furnace, and now, our school is unquestionably cold, but in a school in the US, nobody would be allowed to leave the gas furnace broken at a school.

  • I could only imagine the public outrage if a school refused to maintain the gas furnace, but the school that I was teaching at was not in the US.

The school was a small school in Asia, as well as it completely supported itself financially. The students paid their tuition, and this tuition funded everything. The school was making quite a bit of money, but they still wanted to save every penny that they could. Apparently, the principal thought that it was a good idea to try to save money by not fixing the gas furnace. The school was small, so they were able to install one gas furnace for the entire building, then somehow, they found a used gas furnace for the building, the gas furnace ran unquestionably well, so nobody complained. However, halfway through the school year, the gas furnace stopped working. Nobody knew why the gas furnace stopped toiling, however the school closed for a few days while the office was supposed to hire an HVAC serviceman to maintain the broken gas furnace. However, when we all came back to the school, the gas furnace still wasn’t working. Instead, the school purchased space furnaces for each classroom to use as the primary heat source. We couldn’t believe that the school was serious, however they were. Apparently, the gas furnace needed to be replaced, as purchasing space furnaces was going to be a lot cheaper. They work pretty well, but the hallways and bathrooms are cold.

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