The resident complained until the court made me fix the shower and the bathroom

I hate having a tenant that constantly complains.

For the past year, I have been engaged in a court battle with one of the residents that lives in my apartment building.

I own the apartment building. My dad gave me the piece of property as a present for my 30th birthday. The apartment building is right across the street from a park and it has six different units. The two apartments on the bottom floor have three bedrooms each. The second floor and third floor apartments all have one bedroom in each of them. I moved a new tenant into one of the three bedroom apartments. The woman and her boyfriend have two children. Things were perfectly fine when they moved into the apartment. A week after they signed the lease, they started to complain about the apartment. They made one request after another. Some items I repaired and others I flat-out refused to fix. The tenant moved into the building knowing that the cabinets and counters were cracked and chipped. When I started to refuse some of the requests, the tenant got the court involved. She filed a lawsuit against me for not providing ADA compliant upgrades in the apartment. The court made me repair everything in the apartment that was not up to ADA code. I was forced to hire a general contractor to complete all of the ADA upgrades. The general contractor that I hired was familiar with ADA upgrades. The guy completed all of the construction work in a couple days. Thankfully the contractor was happy to give us a great deal on the services.

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